Yoga Shoot with Debby Siegel

Debby Siegel does a yoga pose at sunset near Horsetooth Reservoir.
Debby Siegel does a yoga pose at sunset near Horsetooth Reservoir.

I’ve been following the “YoGoGirls” Instagram for a while now so I was stoked when Debbie Siegel contacted me to say she was coming to Colorado. We arranged some time to shoot and ended up with the images you see below. I’m super stoked with how they turned out.

We shot two separate evenings near Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. The first evening was originally our main planned shoot, but the weather didn’t work out exactly how I had hoped. Even though we shot some great images I wasn’t overly excited with how they looked in my initial edit, but some quick tweaks to the color balance and all of a sudden I loved them. I don’t really use editing “Presets” straight out of the box, instead I like to use them as starting points and then tailor the color and feel of each shoot from there.

After the less than amazing light that first evening we decided to try for another one, and this time the weather cooperated. It was beautiful and sunny, if considerably colder. Debby was tough, braving the Colorado cold in tights and a bra top. Yoga keeps you warm! If you want to see more fun Yoga shoots that Debby and her friend Michelle have done check out the YoGoGirls Blog here.

Prints from this shoot are available here

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