Ride Concepts – Santa Cruz Shoot

Paul Basagoitia wears the Ride Concepts Powerline shoe during out shoot.

Ride Concepts is an awesome new mountain bike shoe company that launched at the end of 2018. Comprised of a few bike industry veterans and ex staffers from another footwear company they’re a great team of people, and they also have an impressive roster of riders. I was stoked to head to Santa Cruz in February of 2019 to do a shoot for them with old friends Paul Basagoitia, Kyle Strait, and Greg Watts, as well as a few new riders I hadn’t met before.

Greg Watts and Kyle Strait

The first bit of shooting was with Kyle, Greg and Paul on the evening I arrived in town. Scrambling to get my gear ready I carried my Sony A9 kit and had my friend James Scriven carry my Elinchrom Quadra kit in a separate bag. We were shooting the evening light and I love the feel the of the light that the Quadra’s put out. The Elinchrom High Sync with their HS (High Sync) Heads also allows me to shoot at just about any shutter speed and still have the flashes sync, so I can use them as a simple fill light without having to worry about them freezing the action. They can do that really well with the A (Action) Heads, but if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I generally prefer High Sync for shooting most things. The only issue with I’ve been able to find with their HS system and Sony is that it only works with native Sony lenses. Which can be a problem sometimes as Sony doesn’t make a fisheye, so I use a 12mm Rokinon one. The fisheye lens is great for shooting straight into the sun, it keeps the sun to small orange highlight and doesn’t let it blow out the whole image as a longer lens will do, and I love using them with some fill flash. I managed to figure out a weird work-around just before this shoot, but it wasn’t very reliable so when I needed HS flash I shot with my Sony 16-35mm.

Kyle Strait
Kyle, Paul and Greg shot with some help from the Elinchrom Quadra 400 and a 1/3 Straw Gel.

The next few days were a bit of a blur shooting all over the Santa Cruz area, from bright beautiful open areas, to deep dark forest in February. A bit of everything, including some really challenging lighting conditions!

It was an awesome shoot, and I can’t wait to work with them again. Here is a small gallery of images from the shoot.

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