Mining for Skills – Kirt Voreis Video and Photos

I spent the past month or so filming and editing this video and these photos of my friend Kirt Voreis for Niner Bikes. When we were originally coming up with the concept for the video we decided that we wanted it to have an educational component. Kirt’s a great bike skills teacher and he’s done a whole bunch of instructional posts, graphics, and videos already, so it was just kind of natural. But coming up with an actual script is always a bit of work. We had a couple of different ideas over the month or two leading up to the actual shoot, and then while Kirt was working on building a pumptrack at his friend D’s house he came up with the idea of a miner. I’m not sure exactly how it came about, but something about swinging a pickaxe and a shovel lead him to create this storyboard for the beginning of the video.

I think we managed to do a pretty good job of turning Kirt’s sketches into video, and the rest of it turned out better than we could have imagined. Kirt and I have always worked together really well, and adding Doug Jambor into the mix only made everything a lot easier. We needed a second rider to play the part of the guy looking for skills, and Doug besides being a great film maker himself had actually been in a couple of Kirt’s videos as well. The combination of those skills made him an easy choice. The real benefit of having a second camera operator on a shoot is that it allows me to focus on still photos when I need to, and know that we’re still getting video footage. I can always put my camera on a tripod and let it run locked off while I shoot stills, and I definitely did that, but I do my best work when I can truly focus on just one thing. And photos were an important part of this project. All the photos from this shoot were shot with the Nikon D4 and 2 Nikon SB900 speedlights. I used a Pocket Wizard MultiMAX and 3 Pocket Wizard TT5’s to achieve really good high speed sync, and shooting in the early morning and late evening really helped those two little lights to shine. Check out the action photos below and let me know what you think.

I created a behind the scenes Vlog about this trip, if you’re interested you can find it here.

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