Emelie – Yoga at the Old Cannery

Yoga has become one of the more important things in my life. It’s a self care thing for me, one of the things I do almost daily. While I’m traveling I find it harder to find the time, but when possible I’ll check out a local yoga studio and try to fit a class in. In early December I was in Todos Santos checking out the local mountain bike trails with Over The Edge Baja, and I went to a class at the amazing Cuatro Vientos studio that was taught by Emelie Eldridge. I’m not sure if we all need the same thing from yoga, or if some yogi’s are just really good at looking at a class and knowing what the people in the class need, but I’m batting a thousand right now when it comes to having an instructor know exactly what I need to work on in that moment. For me it’s usually hips and lower back from cycling and running, but occasionally that strays to shoulders and upper back as well, probably from cycling and climbing, and also carrying a camera bag around for hours on end. Whatever it was that I needed in that class Emelie managed to figure it out, and I ended up feeling as if the class had been taylored specifically for me. I felt incredibly grateful for that class, and in our conversation afterward I asked her if she would like to shoot some photos. A few days later we went out and created these at an old cannery near the San Cristobal Hotel.

Yoga Photography is not something I’ve focused on as a business activity, but I don’t want to exclude it. If you’re interested in shooting with me send me an email.

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