Steve Smith 1989 – 2016

Stevie Smith
Steve Smith at the Port Angeles Pro GRT Race.

Stevie and I were never really close friends, we were acquaintances, we worked together making photos, and afterwards we hung out and drank beer and laughed together. But I couldn’t tell you what his favorite beer was.

I first met Stevie at Whistler in July of 2007. Red Bull was adding him to their team, and I was there to snap a few shots as he picked up his first Red Bull helmet. At that point he was riding for the Cove Bike Shop, and I shot with him for the Cove at a few different events. His first big win was at the 2008 US Open of Mountain Biking at Mountain Creek in New Jersey, where he beat out Sam Hill for the win. At that time no one had really heard of him and there was a fair amount of disbelief that this young Canadian had just come out and beat the current King of DH.

Over the next few years I saw him regularly at events and races, up until I moved to Colorado in early 2013. Stevie was always easy to get along with, and he almost always had a smile, the only exception being when he was mad at himself for not doing as well as he thought he could have at a race. But he’d quickly take that anger and turn it into motivation to work harder, to go faster. And it worked for him…

I’ll remember his smile forever.