Random photos from 2009 #1

A few months or so ago I happened into a shoot in Vancouver for Don Hampton’s new film “Here we go again” The shoot was with Justin Wyper, Sam Dueck and Dustin Gilding at Dustin’s trails in Abbotsford, and was mostly a dirt jump shoot. Nothing wrong with that, especially with Wyper in the house, and I was really pleasantly surprised by the riding skills of Sam and Dustin.

The 360 shot of Dustin requires a little more explanation. There’s nothing special about my 2 light setup, I had an Alien Bee 1600 in the back acting as a rim light for Dustin, the tree is naturally backlit, and I had a Nikon SB800 in the front for a fill. The interesting part is that I forgot my Pocket Wizards and I had to MacGyver a way to get my lights to fire. I used one SB800 on my D700 pointed at the AB light, full zoom 1/2 power, as an optical trigger for it. Unfortunately the AB light was pointed up at Dustin so it didn’t trigger my other SB800 fill light, so I had a 3rd SB800 directly in front of the AB pointed toward my other SB800 as an optical trigger for it. As I said, basic 2 light setup, but it took 4 lights to make it happen. Knowing how to save yourself with what you have on hand can be a very good skill…

These are the best two shots from the shoot, Wyper with a superflip, and Dustin with a sick dumped 360. Not that Sam didn’t throw down as well, these are just my 2 favorite shots. Enjoy!