NW Cup and Pro GRT in Port Angeles

Justin Leov races at the 2010 Pro GRT Downhill race in Port Angeles, Washington
Justin placed 2nd
Justin Leov races at the 2010 Pro GRT Downhill race in Port Angeles, Washington. 
Justin placed 2nd

Last weekend I was in Port Angeles, Washington for the Northwest Cup and the first of the Pro GRT Downhill races.

With the volcano in Iceland spewing ash into the air above Europe a lot of flights had been cancelled and many of the DH athletes that had been in California for the Sea Otter Classic decided to head to PA while waiting for a flight back to Europe to continue the World Cup circuit. I was shooting for the Trek World Racing team who had planned to attend all along, but the added competition definitely made the event more interesting.

Being in the north west and mostly in the trees the event was a good chance to test my new Elinchrom Quadra strobe used in conjunction with my Nikon SB800’s. The Quadra is a very light little 400WS power pack that when used in conjunction with the Quadra A head produces a very quick duration and really nice light. I got it with the reflector adaptor that allows you to put any Elinchrom reflector on it, so I can use it with my high performance sports reflector and really focus the light. Aside from giving it a lot more range this also allows me to use it at lower power at short range, really taking advantage of the 1/6000th or faster duration on the B channel. (I won’t get into a lot of detail about the unit here you can read about it on the Elinchrom site) I have to say that at I was really impressed with the quality of light it puts out and it’s ability to really freeze action. For a number of shots I used my SB800’s paired up at about 1/4 to 1/2 power as rim and key lights, and used the Quadra as a slightly off axis fill, the SB800’s at 1/4 power doing a pretty good job of freezing stuff, and running the Quadra at around 60 WS produces a really crisp look. It also runs almost all day at that power level. At a full 400WS on the A channel it supposedly gives a duration of about 1/3000th t.5 and I’ll be testing that out in the near future. In the meantime here are some images from the event…