Richie Schley Photoshoot

Richie SchleyA couple of days ago I did a shoot with Richie Schley in Pemberton. It was originally intended to be in Whistler but Richie and I drove around in changing weather for an hour and ended up going to Pemberton. This rock ridge has been shot before but the snow on the mountains in the background made it perfect so I chose a few different angles and luckily the weather cooperated wonderfully once we got to shooting. This was shot at 1/1600th F4.5 ISO 400 on my Nikon D700. I used pocket Wizard Multimax’s to trigger a Nikon SB800 with a full straw gel to match the evening light. I focused the light fairly tightly on Richie and powered it down to create just a nice bit of fill. We shot a few different angles and aspects and got some great shots.

The vignette is from the hood on my 17-55 DX lens used with the full frame D700.