Nikon Festival Contest “A Day Through My Lens”

Update – I didn’t make the cut to 50 and Nikon has pulled all the other videos offline, including mine. Rather than upload the contest video to vimeo or you tube I’m going to completely finish the video and then upload it. You’ll see a link to it here when it’s done. – IH

Nikon USA is running a video contest alongside the launch of the D5000, a new consumer level DSLR from Nikon that shoots video. I don’t have much experience shooting video myself, but I’ve been around the filming and production side for enough years that I thought hey, I can give this a try and maybe do something cool. Well it’s harder than you think. Partly because Nikon also limited the videos to 140 seconds, which is not much time. I had a few great ideas that I scripted out and storyboarded, got everything ready to go. Then the realization that it’s winter in the NW hit home, and my beautiful sunny day shooting dirt jumping with bikes never materialized. So I had to shoot on a cold rainy day in the city, which led to a few other ideas, and then a few more and soon my whole script had changed a little. I had a lot of help from my regular assistant Baxter over at Redfern Media, he shoots video all the time, and brought a lot to the project. I also managed to borrow a D300s from Nikon to shoot with, and instantly fell in love with shallow depth of field, especially while using my Zeiss 50 1.4 So we arranged everything we needed to, and shot a lot of footage, and then Baxter edited it all down to a very tight edit of almost 4 minutes. Contest is 2:20. So we talked it over and thought about it and I spent a few days thinking about what to cut. In the end we cut a lot, a minute and a half including some beginning stuff, lots of details, and the ending. I’d like to send a big thanks out to Randy at the Eatery in Vancouver, we filmed the ending there and it never made it into the final cut. No worries though, after the contest is over I’ll post the whole video, a little over 4 minutes of it.