The Pipe

The legendary Mount Baldy Pipe is one of those places that you see in magazines, skateboard and bmx magazines primarily. In 2003 I was in Southern California for the Big Bear NORBA event, and although the specifics of how it all went down fail me, I ended up staying at Kirt Voreis place in Rancho Cucamonga. I’d met up with Aaron Chase and Eric Porter somewhere along the way as well, and they were working on some stuff for an upcoming film with Don Hampton. I’m pretty sure Kirt was out with some sort of injury, otherwise he would have…

Carly Rae Jepsen Photoshoot in Vancouver

2011 Carly Rae Jepsen shoot

Almost everyone is now familiar with Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen and her hit song “Call Me Maybe”, however it was only a year and half ago that she was relatively unknown outside of Canada. I had a chance to shoot with the upcoming artist in April of 2011, and we created what I think are some beautiful images. It’s an opportunity that may never happen again now that she’s a full blown superstar, but here’s to hoping. Check out some of the images from our shoot:   Most images were shot with natural light, those that weren’t were lit…


2012 Fox Racing Catalog Shoot

Even though I’d like to publish Behind the Scenes posts and details of photoshoots more frequently, a lot of the time it just isn’t possible. Take last years shoot for the 2012 Fox Racing Catalog as an example. It was shot about 11 months ago, but the catalog and the photos have only been published in the last month or so. Just before we’re getting ready to shoot stuff for next years catalog… Bend, OR This shoot, or shoots as they actually were, took place last April in Oregon and California, before and during the Sea Otter Classic. The before…


Pocket Wizard Hypersync Gymnastics

January 3, 2011 The last photoshoot of 2010 is over and done, it’s a wrap! Back in December of 2010 while I was teaching my action photography class at Van Arts I had the pleasure of working with a couple of gymnast girls at the Phoenix Gym in Vancouver. Or I should say my students did, I was too busy running around helping them with lights and timing and angles and all that teacher stuff that I do. Which is not really what I wanted to be doing… So to make up for it I called the girls up again…


Kirt Voreis Fox Breakaway shoot

December 14, 2010 I’ve been shooting with Kirt Voreis for quite a few years and we always seem to have fun and get great results, maybe that’s why he’s one of my favorite mtb athletes to shoot with. This past September I headed to Kirt’s hometown of Bend, Oregon to shoot an ad for Fox Racing. The ad features the new Fox all weather Breakaway Jacket, and my creative briefing simply said “It’s an all weather jacket, make it look wet and wintery”. That didn’t sound too difficult until I arrived in Bend and the weather was beautiful and sunny,…


VanArts Figure Skating Shoot

December 12, 2010 One of the things that I like most about teaching the Action and Sports Photography class at VanArts is that I get a chance to shoot new things. Take this past class as an example; while we normally shoot dance and parkour outdoors, (both of which I enjoy) the weather and circumstances made that impossible this time. So my great staff at VanArts managed to round up 3 figure skaters and book us some ice time for the last day’s shoot. Figure Skating. Not something that I ever would have thought of, but something that I was…


NW Cup and Pro GRT in Port Angeles

Last weekend I was in Port Angeles, Washington for the Northwest Cup and the first of the Pro GRT Downhill races. With the volcano in Iceland spewing ash into the air above Europe a lot of flights had been cancelled and many of the DH athletes that had been in California for the Sea Otter Classic decided to head to PA while waiting for a flight back to Europe to continue the World Cup circuit. I was shooting for the Trek World Racing team who had planned to attend all along, but the added competition definitely made the event more…

Trek World Racing Team Camp

I just returned from shooting the Trek World Racing Team (TWR) in Phoenix, and while I can’t show you any photos at the moment, I can tell you a bit about the shoot. The shoot was for a few different purposes, and I was happy to have Trek’s Art Director, Paul Rogers on hand to keep everything going in the direction he needed. We shot images of all the XC and DH riders on the team that will end up being used for everything from ads to postcards and catalog. The postcards are for Sea Otter and they needed to…

Event: Red Bull Crashed Ice
Location: Quebec, Quebec
Athlete: Gabriel Andre and Martin Niefnecker

Crashed Ice 2010

The Red Bull Crashed Ice event this year was a little bit different than last year. If you read my post about last years event you might remember that it was -37 Celsius with the windchill and cameras just didn’t want to work. This year it was around +15 Celsius during the day, and maybe a little below freezing at night. Way better conditions for photography, maybe not so great for making ice. The Gestev crew did an incredible job in spite of the warm temps though, and this years track was the best ever. More steep sections, better corners,…


Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival 2010

Follow my trip to the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival this year. I’ll be in Jamaica from the 5th to the 12th of February attending the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival. And while I’m there I’ll be posting updates to Pink Bike. Please check out the SMORBA website for more info on the event. After the event Singletrack Magazine and O2 Bikers Magazine will both be running features on the trip so be sure to check them out as well, and while you’re here check out some photos from past events.